About Allergy Mama

Being an allergy mama is something you never planned or feel prepared for. 

The Allergy Mama store is here to support you, empower you and remind you, you're not alone. There are millions of mums going through this. Perhaps there are some in your street, the school playground or the park. Perhaps they are lingering in your local free from aisle.

Our brand is all about owning your new normal. Be an allergy mama and be proud. Let others know they can start that conversation, speak out and not be afraid to do what we do best – keep our children safe. 

Feeling good. Doing good.

We donate 20% all profits to projects that support families with allergies.These include local grassroots initiatives, meet ups and events that empower and inform. We are particularly keen to help families cope with allergy anxiety which is a largely under-resourced area.

From one Allergy Mama to another

Allergy Mama is run by Emma Amoscato, who has two children with mutliple allergies and writes about their family life on FreeFromFarmhouse